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2006 Hay-Meadow Plant Survey

On Friday 23rd June 2006, Rachel O'Hara from Surrey Wildlife Trust and John Arnott from Merrist Wood College, carried out a visual inspection of the hay meadow. The variety of plants was considered to be good, with thirty-one species recorded. The proportion of flowers to grasses was high, being as great as 60% flowers in a considerable portion of the area. The species indicated a damp meadow in the central area next to the housing estate with dry meadow elsewhere.

The list of species is given below with a subjective measure of relative abundance:

Frequent = widespread throughout the area
Occasional = encountered in smaller numbers
Rare = only one or two individual plants found


Creeping bent Frequent (locally)
Meadow foxtail Occasional
Sweet vernal-grass Frequent
False oatgrass Frequent
Cocksfoot Frequent (locally)
Red fescue Frequent
Yorkshire-fog Frequent
Creeping soft-grass Frequent (locally)
Rough meadow-grass Frequent


Hairy sedge Rare
Common knapweed Frequent
Cat's-ear Rare
Sharp-flowered rush Frequent (locally)
Compact rush Occasional
Soft rush Rare
Meadow vetchling Frequent
Common Bird's-foot-trefoil Occasional
Greater bird's-foot-trefoil Frequent
Field woodrush Rare
Ribwort plantain Occasional
Meadow buttercup Occasional
Creeping buttercup Occasional
Common sorrel Frequent
Common ragwort Rare
Lesser stitchwort Frequent
Red clover Rare
White clover Frequent (locally)
Tufted vetch Frequent (locally)
Hedge bindweed Frequent
Pedunculate oak seedlings Occasional
Aspen suckers Frequent