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Battling the Water Soldiers - Friday 18th September 2015

Glenn Skelton, RiverSearch Coordinatorfrom Surrey Wildlife Trust, joined the Fox Corner Community group on the morning of Friday 18th September to help us go to battle against the invasive water soldier plant that has taken over our pond.

Water Soldier is actually native to East Anglia and is used widely as a pond oxygenator: this likely explains its appearance at Fox Corner. The plant floats free on the surface and produces runners which create many more mini soldiers which go on to do the same, completely covering the pond surface. In the Winter the plants sink down to the bottom and remain there until the following summer.

Volunteers helped to remove the water soldier before it sinks back down. The task involved some volunteers wearing waders in the water and pulling the plant to the side whilst others scooped it out into wheel barrows and stacked it in a pile next to the pond to allow any other wildlife to find its way back.

Tea, coffee and biscuits made the task even more enjoyable.

Visit by Knaphill Cubs 2015

The 1st Knaphill Cubs visited the Fox Corner Nature Reserve in April. They said:

'The evening was fantastic, the Cubs and Leaders really enjoyed themselves. We had 3 groups.
The groups did pond dipping for 20 minutes each whilst the other two groups walked around looking out for wildlife and practicing their map reading skills!
What a great place. Thank you so much for letting us use the facilities, we will be back!!
The weather was fantastic so we really had a great time and the highlight for one of the groups was seeing 2 deer leaping through the meadow!
We will definitely visit again.'

AGM 2015

This year's AGM was held on Tuesday 21st April at St Michael and All Angels Church in Pirbright. The Chairman's report can be read here.

The AGM was followed by a presentation by
Jim Jones - Living Landscapes Officer of Surrey Wildlife Trust on Alien Invasive Species

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